Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S)

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What is the G3S?

The Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S) of Basel University was founded in 2013 as overarching structure for all PhD-programs in the social sciences. It combines all existing programs of the Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften and introduces specific novel elements. The doctorate is awarded by the Faculty of Humanities (Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät) of Basel University.

What does the G3S have to offer?

Structured PhD-education includes a graduate curriculum of disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses, as well as additional academic soft-skill workshops. G3S furthers interdisciplinary networks early on in the academic careers of PhD-students. Its members form a community of peers beyond the relatively small units of different professorships. G3S organizes Master Classes by internationally renowned scholars and workshops in methodology, invites guest speakers, offers start-up stipends and is always approachable for PhD-students in order to provide assistance with all aspects of graduate studies.

G3S forms the framework for many discipline-based programs, such as the PhD-program in Religious Studies, the Graduate Program in Gender Studies, the International Graduate School North-South or the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (MUBIT). These programs establish ties to other campuses and are usually limited to certain funding periods while G3S offers a permanent umbrella under which they can operate.

How can I become a member of G3S?

Please find detailed information here.